Visual Healing

 A Revolution in Whole Body Wellness

“Louie’s awe inspiring perspective has the power to change the way you view yourself and your connection to the world. He is a master in the art of timelapse photography.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

Visual Healing by Moving Art is a program designed to enhance, improve and inspire the built environment by bringing full sensory solutions to the $2 trillion wellness and eco-lifestyle marketplaces. From residential properties to retail venues, hospitals, spas and more, Visual Healing is a program that seamlessly integrates with our modern world and everyday habits by bringing nature and technology together to deliver positive physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Watch to learn more.


View Sample Concepts for Spa and Hospitality

Visual Healing for Spin Class
Visual Healing for Meditation Rooms
Visual Healing for Treatment Rooms


Visual Healing for Hospitals and Wellness Facilities

“Healing. Hope. Happiness. All three are crucial. Louie’s work gives citizens hope.”

~ Dr. Pamela Peeke

Observing and listening to nature can offer powerful therapeutic benefit by reconnecting us with seasonal and biological rhythms. Since time outdoors is not always an option for hospital patients, one alternative is screen-based nature media. Studies show that observing nature on a screen can lower heart rates, speed healing, reduce requests for pain medication, decrease levels of stress hormones and increase a sense of well-being and calm. Designed to inspire, educate and offer a healing alternative, Moving Art’s Visual Healing program for health and wellness facilities offers customized content to transform walls and ceilings into life-like natural environments.


Visual Healing as Tool for Guided Meditation

At the International Forum on Consciousness held at the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, MaLynn Utzinger, MD led the packed auditorium in an opening visual meditation, set against the backdrop of Louie’s mesmerizing imagery. Larger-than-life blooming flowers and sunlit desert landscapes synched perfectly with the soulful meditation in this co-created guided meditation, setting the tone for the day-long conference.


Louie to lead Mindfulness Initiative for Global Wellness Institute

Louie's Newest Headshot
The Global Wellness Mindfulness Initiative is a global group of thought leaders dedicated to understanding the role of mindfulness, meditation, and nature in leadership. As we shape the technological landscape of the future, it’s critical we realize that creativity and innovation come from focused, healthy minds. This initiative will uncover innovative solutions for leveraging technology to bring us closer to our true selves, validating that our hyper-connected culture can provide us with more access, tools and structure to become focused and cultivate mindfulness. The desired outcome is to increase mindfulness worldwide, beginning with progressive leaders across all industries who are committed to sharing this wisdom with their colleagues and communities at large.


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