Our studio’s mission is to support Louie’s vision of helping people fall in love with nature, as he knows they will automatically protect what they love. We deliver inspirational nature-themed visual products from our film development and licensing platform to foster wellness and enrich learning while reducing the effects of Nature Deficit Disorder* on our society. We deliver our visual products through multiple channels to those impacted by Nature Deficit Disorder in order to restore life balance, rejuvenate souls, and inspire eco-activism.

As the foremost innovators of time lapse and altered speed cinematography, Moving Art is in a unique position to bring this restoration and rejuvenation via our platform of 1200+ hours of high quality motion imagery through the ubiquity of screens everywhere, from the giant IMAX to the tiny smartphone in your pocket right now. We leverage internet improvements and rapidly declining technology costs that bring massive and rapid change to help citizens connect to nature so they can become more adaptable and successful in this new world.

And we’d love to have you join us on this journey!


* Nature Deficit Disorder – a term coined by Audubon Medal award winner Richard Louv – describes the negative effects on both children and adults from a lack of nature in their lives, and how this directly leads to a variety of societal ills. Rapid urbanization, a faster paced lifestyle, and increasing pressure on our ecosystems worldwide have created a citizenry in desperate need of more connections to nature.  

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are a beautiful person, thank you for doing what you do and for sharing it. Thank you, thank you.

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