Nature & Technology: A Path To Visual Healing

We all know that spending more time in nature is a goal to which we should all aspire. The physical and mental health benefits are numerous and have been proven over and over again. But what can we do when we’re too busy in our day to day lives? By the time we’re done running to work, helping with homework, cooking dinner, doing errands, etc. – it’s dark outside, and we’re too tired to take a stroll outdoors!

For times like this, I believe in the power of Visual Healing which is why we’ve created our Moving Art Visual Healing program. Through my films that capture the miraculous beauty of our natural world, I hope to help people cultivate a sense of connection, peace, and love no matter where they are or how busy their lives may be. And now science is proving what we’ve already felt; spending time watching a beautiful nature film has the power to make us feel better.

In a recent study, researchers found that even looking at photos of nature in a quiet room had a greater cognitive boost than taking a walk outdoors down a busy urban street. Researchers also had participants take a break for 10 minutes in a quiet room to look at pictures of a nature scene or pictures of a city street. They found that cognitive performance improved after the nature break, even though it was only through pictures.  In 2013, scientists at the School of Biological Sciences at University of Essex wrote a paper called “Viewing Nature Scenes Positively Affects Recovery of Autonomic Function Following Acute-Mental Stress.”  Their findings indicate that people who saw scenes of nature after a stress induced event were more likely to see improvements in the recovery process than those who didn’t!

Moving Art’s Visual Healing is positioned at the intersection of technology, nature, and mindfulness with content that enhances the current meditation app model with an eyes-wide open approach. Our goal is to bring Visual Healing to people everywhere. By bringing my films to schools, hospitals, spas, work places, and other environments, we can work together to help people cultivate a love of our natural world and bring healing to people in need.

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