Magic Flowers: A Nature-Based App for iOS & Mac

Moving Art’s nature-based mindfulness app, Magic Flowers, is now here! This new app brings beautiful timelapse flowers to your Mac, iPad, iPhone, & AppleTV! In collaboration with Magic Window, we’ve created an app that uses timelapse to reveal an intimate and unprecedented high-definition glimpse into the hidden world of flowers. Each flower slowly blooms over time, showcasing magical changes in light, texture and color. The goal is to create slow and subtle movement that does not distract but instead delivers instant gratification through visual meditation.

Click Here to Download Magic Flowers for iOS 

Click Here to Download Magic Flowers for Mac OS/X

Magic Flowers has already been named as a Best New App in the Mac App Store! Read what people are already saying about Magic Flowers:

“I’ve enjoyed Louie Schwatzberg’s work for years and he continues to amaze me. Being able to watch these flowers bloom with such a perfect subtlety is incredible and offers me a nice window to the outside world as I work within my office.  Magic Flowers for Mac is truly mesmerizing.”

“As someone who lives and works within a major city, I try all that I can to find an escape whenever possible.  Magic Flowers for iOS has provided this.  Being able to listen to a beautiful ambient soundtrack while watching these flowers slowly bloom really gives me a fresh start on my morning commute.  I’m able to dive in and be free from everything surrounding me.  It really is magical.”

“I love putting this on when I need to disconnect for a minute. Gorgeous imagery and the desktop app is even better because you can keep it up as a background image. Get both now!”

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