5 Tips From The Master of Timelapse Film

As the only filmmaker in the world who has been shooting time-lapse films 24/7 continuously for well over three decades, Louie is a visual artist breaking barriers, connecting with audiences, & telling stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people, and places. Now, as the “Master of Timelapse,” he’s offering a few tips to help people everywhere to shoot and improve their own time-lapse films! So break out your camera or iPhone, and give these a shot!

5 Timelapse Film Tips from Louie Schwartzberg

  1. It is always important to be aware of good lighting. To be aware of where the light is going to be in an hour, or the end of the day, puts you in touch with the elements, the clouds, the rotation of the earth, and the geography; having to anticipate weather and light makes you more present.
  2. Try not to film trees and foliage that blow in the wind. It ends up looking jittery and nervous. Moving water is also a problem, but long time exposures can blur the jittery effect.
  3. If you are time-lapsing flowers try to control the wind from shaking the flower by supporting it or creating a baffle around it.
  4. When filming time-lapse flowers, using an electrical light source eliminates the flicker from the variability of the brightness of natural light over a period of time.
  5. Don’t use auto exposure settings. The drama comes from watching the light intensity go up and down, which you will record by leaving your exposure in manual constant mode. In auto exposure things go flat and flicker as the camera tries to make every frame look evenly exposed. That is fine for a still photo, but not for movie frames that go by at 24 frames per second.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips From The Master of Timelapse Film”

  1. I just watched several of your Moving Arts shows and wow. I am a beginning photographer and love what you have done. Such an inspiration, Thank you
    I will be following you and practice like mad such beauty.

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