The Mindfulness Initiative

Today we are happy to announce The Global Wellness Mindfulness Initiative. The initiative is a global group of thought leaders dedicated to understanding the role of mindfulness, meditation, and nature in leadership, and Louie will be serving as its chair.

The cultural expectation is that we stay technologically interconnected at all times, but our digital dependency makes us less connected to each other, to nature, and ultimately to ourselves. As we shape the technological landscape of the future, it’s critical we realize that creativity and innovation come from focused, healthy minds. This initiative will uncover innovative solutions for leveraging technology to bring us closer to our true selves, validating that our hyper-connected culture can provide us with more access, tools, and structure to become focused and cultivate mindfulness.

Scientific research shows that viewing nature has immediate and lasting effects on our biochemistry, including slowed heart rate, reduced anxiety, increased awareness and improved sense of well-being. Louie’s films have always been about helping people fall in love with our natural world. While nothing can replace spending more time in nature, we’ve learned through our Visual Healing program that we can mindfully and masterfully leverage the best of cutting-edge technology to transform our interior environments and reconnect us to nature. We can use technology to bring greater awareness, accessibility, and healing power of nature to people everywhere living in diverse environments. We are already living in a technologically committed society; it is imperative that we learn to leverage it in healthy ways to bring us closer to nature and closer to our true selves.

2 thoughts on “The Mindfulness Initiative”

  1. Fabulous global mindfulness!! that is cause for great world change for it is proven to help calm the brain and reduce stress. Also becoming more present can lead to better self control and healthier choices and relationships. Love ur work, art. ♡

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