Moving Mondays: Holding A Grudge

“Our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have for us.” -Sally Kohn

With energy tied up in the past, we don’t have any left to take care of the present. We’re human. And sometimes we make big mistakes. What we forget is that by holding a grudge against someone who has hurt us, we only hurt ourselves more in the long run. Holding a grudge consumes our energy and diverts our attention away from the present moment. Because we’re tied up in our anger or hurt, we may miss the fact that in the present moment, we’re actually doing okay. Moments of peace and contentment elude us when our thoughts and feelings wander to past wrongs.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. When we make mistakes ourselves, we hope for compassion and understanding. When someone else hurts us, it serves us well to emulate what we would hope to have shown to us. Letting go of a grudge can do wonders for our overall well-being.

During the month of March, Moving Art will be sharing some of our most popular and Moving Monday blogs from the last. These are some of the blogs that resonated most with our readers and we know we can always use small reminders as move along our on our personal journeys of growth. Stay tuned to see if your favorite post makes it!

7 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: Holding A Grudge”

  1. In the world of children, being able to correct them for inappropriate behavior, and show them forgiveness for it, is sometimes a challenge. Our human nature wants us to expect that they will always make the same choice. But nothing is further from the truth. Children may need to hear something multiple times, but the action usually does not come from a place of malice. They make mistakes and move on, why can’t we? No on can forgive and forget like a loving child, a lesson we can learn from the young. (“…Out of the mouths of babes…”)

  2. Gratitde is something we should all affirm each day to the Lord, to Jesuse Christ , to the Arch Angels and our Guardian Angels. We should all be full of GRATITUDE becaue we ahve been given so many gifts in this LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be tahnk ful and give thanks daily for eve the smallest things that come your way. The Universe will smile upon you and recognize it.

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