Moving Mondays: Conquering Fear

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” —Marianne Williamson

Fear is a powerful emotion. It has the power to undo us if we surrender to it. We watch the news or we remember past pain, and we convince ourselves there is much to be afraid of. Living in a state of fear robs us of the power to enjoy life. We spend our time focusing on the past to find proof that something awful may happen in the future. We rob ourselves of the joy of the present moment.

Next time you feel fear, I hope you’ll acknowledge it and remind yourself to take a deep breath to focus on the present moment in which you are perfectly okay. When we learn to stay in the present moment, we’re able to conquer our fears of the unknown and focus on the good we have right now.

6 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: Conquering Fear”

  1. Fear is what cripples us to knowledge. Never stop learning, I know more because I wasn’t afraid to ask the simple questions.

  2. Fear is a powerful all consuming emotion that affects us all because it holds the scary knowledge of uncertainty. So crippling, and yet to be born knowing only love why do we then have to learn fear? For self preservation? I have been there an experienced this crippling unanswerable question that lies in our subconscious like the green eyed monster waiting to pounch on us all, and laugh and mocks us at its success so many times.
    Keep learning and growing to keep fear at bay, for “knowledge is power”, as the great Titan Promethus proclaimed in his quest to save mankind.

  3. In the world of education, the fear factor can inhibit a student from trying their best. First comes the fear of failure, followed by lack of effort. Unless they are encouraged to always try their best and be greatful for their mistakes, they may fall into the rut of believing that they cannot do the task. I love to make mistakes in front of my students. I model how to gracefully see the error of my ways, apologize, correct, and move on. Seeing the look on their faces as they earn laurels for catching the teacher always seems to put them at ease. We all get it right in the end, and can learn to laugh at our blunders, as long as we learn from them.

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