Moving Mondays: Acceptance

“Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness.” -Eckhart Tolle

Acceptance does not mean we give up or quit. Acceptance means that we have learned to surrender to “What Is.” Too often we spend energy trying to control things which are beyond our control. We struggle and create conflict within ourselves and with others. If we expend all our energy attempting to fix things to be as we think they should be, we miss out on the peace and contentment of accepting how things actually are.

Learning to be in a state of acceptance isn’t something we can figure out just once. It’s a daily practice. Each day we must make a conscious decision to accept What Is and find peace in the present moment.

3 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: Acceptance”

  1. No words to describe the beauty of nature. If we all would just stop to look listen and learn we would have no problem with acceptance. Animals and nature can teach us so very much about being human. Thank you for bringing this to the world today.

  2. When my young daughers, ages 3 and 5 were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, this was a lesson I had to learn well. I had not control over the fatal illness they had. I knew I could only do my best to manage their day to day care, while asking God to fill in the blanks that perhaps I left in the day. As the days rolled on, the routines became second nature and the ease of reality evolved to “acceptance.”

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