America’s Heart & Soul: One Man’s Journey

One of the joys of my work is getting the opportunity to meet and cross paths with people from all over the world. In 2004 when my book America’s Heart & Soul was published, I had no idea of the journey it would inspire one man to take.

This past year I was contacted by Richard Laliberte who had purchased “America’s Heart & Soul” from Dan Klennart, one of the people featured in the book. Richard said that after watching the film and reading the book, he was fascinated by the people who were represented. He wrote to me explaining that inspired it him to start a journey to meet everyone featured in the book. He explained, “Dan had signed his page, and I thought that everyone in the book was approachable and spent the last nine years meeting as many as were available and get them to autograph my book.”

My signature was the last autograph he needed to finish his 9 year journey, and I’m happy to say that it was my pleasure and honor to sign his book during his recent visit to Los Angeles. What a spectacular journey and truly memorable moment. It is always my hope to inspire people through my work, and what a humbling experience to see how one man’s journey could bring us full circle. I’m grateful to have met Richard and heard his story.

Now you can revisit Louie’s original work with the newly restocked Moving Art Collection DVD and America’s Heart & Soul coffee table book for only $19.99. (Value: $29.98)

One thought on “America’s Heart & Soul: One Man’s Journey”

  1. Hi there. ..I love moving art ..for some reason Panasonic apps in Canada ont says that moving art is no more ..
    is it true. your subscription has been canceled. .please let us know..
    sabry family.

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