Moving Mondays: The Power of Love

How often do you say “I love you”? Do you say it to your friends and family as you hang up the phone or you before you go to sleep at night? Sometimes we say these words so often that they become mechanical. We forget the meaning behind them.

Love has the power to transform. It has the power to change lives. Children who know they are loved are more likely to be healthy and successful as they grow up than children who do not. But that power doesn’t end during childhood. Love is the motivation for so many of our stories, songs, and works of art. The metaphors are endless. Why do we say that love gives us new eyes? It’s because love has the power to change an ordinary life into an amazing one. Our daily life may remain the same, but our perspective is altered. Whether we’ve met a romantic partner, had a child, or have finally learned to truly love ourselves, the power to transform comes through the power of love.

Love helps us live and grow and thrive. It can heal the wounds deep inside our soul and has the power to right so many wrongs. The next time you tell someone “I love you,” take a moment to remember just how powerful your words truly are.

4 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: The Power of Love”

  1. What a beautiful post Horti. You are someone who knows a great deal about love, someone who anyone would be lucky to call a friend. The thing is we hear “I love you” so often without a lot of meaning like one would say,”have a nice day.” When love becomes beautiful is when it said with meaning, when it is shown by the life that expresses it, like yours does.

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