Moving Mondays: Be an Eco-Warrior

Listen to Louie Schwartzberg’s powerful message at Bioneers as he presents,  “A World of Solutions,” the follow up film short to “What’s Possible,” directed by Louie and produced by Lyn Lear for the UN Climate Summit.  Listen as he explains how, and more importantly, why he created this film for the UN Climate Summit with Lyn Lear. Louie’s message has always been that we protect what we love. If he can show even one person the beauty and wonder of our planet through his breathtaking films, then maybe they, too, will fall in love and help us as we fight to protect the earth.

It took a group of eco-warriors, including Louie, to come together to make the film short “What’s Possible” to present to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit. But as Louie says in his speech at Bioneers, it’s not just world leaders who have the power to effect change. We ALL have that power. In September, 400,000 people from all backgrounds marched on New York City for the issue of Climate Change. We can all become eco-warriors and demand change. We can make our leaders listen and demand more conscious leadership as we work together as a global community in the fight against climate change.

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