Moving Mondays: New Year’s Eco-Resolutions

Everyone likes a “do over” – a chance to do things better or do them right. It’s why the topic of new year’s resolutions is so popular. With the end of a 2014 upon us, now is the time we start discussing what we want to do better in 2015. Whether or not we usually make a new year’s resolution, maybe this year we do something a little different.

The most common resolutions have to do with self-improvement: eat better, become physically fit, go back to school, be more patient. While self-improvement is always a worthy goal, what if we considered making a resolution that impacted not only ourselves, but the world in which we live?

For 2015, how about we make an “eco-resolution?” A resolution that involves committing ourselves to environmentally friendly behavior. Maybe once a week we bike somewhere instead of drive. Or perhaps we resolve to stop using buying bottled water or we volunteer to pick up litter in our communities. It doesn’t matter what specifically our eco-resolutions are; it only matters that this year, our new year’s resolution include improving not just ourselves, but the world in which we live.

2 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: New Year’s Eco-Resolutions”

  1. CHEERS to Louie and Moving Art team players for living by example and making our world more exciting, inviting, educational and beautiful. Thanks, with gratitude, for suggesting 2015 be of the EARTH, well beyond that of self…loving the planet, working on (playing on) PEACE and letting shine the inner stars we all are. Supporting those around us with a smile, a hand UP, a conversation sans smartphone interruptions, travel, optimal health and more and more Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg.

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