Moving Mondays: 1st Day of Winter

December 21st marks the first day of Winter for the Northern Hemisphere. The cold weather and smaller amount of daylight signals a shift in our behavior that can affect our mood and well-being. The duality of this season — its cold and brutal weather and the pristine beauty it can offer us — is something we should embrace as inspiring and motivating. We can find both good and bad in nearly everything in our lives; it’s up to us to decide focus on the good.

This is a season that inspires reflection and guides us to embrace the quiet and the darkness as periods of potential growth. We all need time to slow down and turn in.  And if the shortest day of the year depresses you, I hope you will remember this: The Winter Solstice marks the return of the light. The days will only get longer from here on out!

The video above is a preview of my film short, “Winter’s Wonders.”   View the beauty of this holiday and winter season through my lens; download Winter’s Wonders at

3 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: 1st Day of Winter”

  1. Although the seasons do not change for us here in southern Florida, the hustle and bustle of the season does not escape our hurried lives. This week in schools, student wrap up their studies to hibernate with their families for the holidays. Likewise, we teachers rush to get our grading done, clean up our rooms, and create our lists of things to get done during the break. This will be the last of late nights and very long days for two weeks, full of hope. How ironic that the chill in the air can make us energized, or stop us dead in our tracks. Allowing ourselves time to think, feel, and ponder the stillness in the air is a great gift of peace that we take none too casually. Knowing that we can dedicate this precious time to ourselves and our loved ones, while nuturing our soul just a tad, we appreciate the time off, no matter how short. I often tell my students: “Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is less.” For the season upon us, I wish you all more of what makes you whole in mind, body, and spirit. Happy holidays to all, especially the Moving Art team.

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