Moving Mondays: Open Your Heart

Do you notice when your heart is open? Is it when you’re spending time with your family or when you’re doing something you love? It’s too easy to shut ourselves off from the world, to distrust everyone and be cynical of everything we hear. But when we focus of the good in our lives, we open ourselves up to feeling light, optimistic, and grateful. Our energy is renewed and we feel more confident to tackle the problems we may face.

Living with an open heart takes courage. It requires faith and trust. But if we open our hearts so that our faith becomes larger than our fears, just imagine what the world would look like!

This month’s challenge is #30ThankfulDays. I encourage you to join me in sharing something you are grateful for each day and learn to cultivate a gratitude practice in your life. You can participate with the hashtag #30ThankfulDays on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. No matter how you participate, online or not, having a gratitude practice will change your life in ways you never expected.

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