Finding Light in the Dark: Halloween & The End of DST

This Halloween weekend many of us will set our clocks back one hour making our days feel shorter and darker. It’s often during this time of year when we begin to struggle against the cold and the darkness. It is my experience, however, that this time of year lends itself to great times of reflection, growth, and connection. Taking it upon ourselves to embrace this time of year as a chance to continue our personal growth will make the days feel lighter and warmer.

A simple change in our attitude will change the entire season. We can choose to succumb to the negative feelings associated with the cold and the dark or we can welcome this time of year and turn it into a positive, joy-filled time. As fall turns to winter and everything begins to slow down, we can be grateful for the opportunity to spend time connecting with family and friends who bring us light no matter how dark it may be outside.

This time of year makes me particularly grateful for the work I do. Because I believe many of us already suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder, I am particularly vigilant during the cold months to spend as much time as possible connecting with nature to restore my energy and feel renewed. Bringing Moving Art to as many people as possible is my way of helping others feel restored and renewed no matter where they are or what time of year it may be.

This weekend only, in honor of Halloween, spend $10 on any Moving Art products in our online store and receive a FREE digital download of Grave Spirits, Louie’s spooky thriller! Watch a preview & enter our store at!

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