Moving Art & Vizio at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

Last month Louie’s Moving Art was featured at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City for Vizio’s P-Series Launch. The event featured the entire line of Vizio’s new P-Series models, as well as demos of their functionality, including “shootouts” with rival Samsung models, as well as upscaling and streaming capabilities. The Vizio sets are already designed to support 4K streaming from Netflix which makes streaming Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg come to life like never before in the convenience of your own home! (Netflix subscriber? Click Here To Watch Moving Art on Netflix)

The video above gives a glimpse into the beauty of Moving Art being displayed on a television that can show the footage as it was meant to be seen. Rather than hanging a still photograph or painting on the walls of our homes, we can use beautiful new technology to turn our televisions into displays of fine art.

With Nature Deficit Disorder affecting a majority of our population, new vehicles such as Vizio’s P-Series make it possible to bring the beauty and miracle of nature into homes everywhere.

Learn more about Vizio’s P-Series Launch featuring Moving Art:

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