Moving Mondays: The Benefit of Mentors

Whether it’s in our careers or our personal lives, the value of having a mentor to turn to for advice and guidance cannot be overstated. We can learn so much from each other, and we can give back by guiding someone else. If you feel unsure or stuck, often a mentor can help you work through whatever is challenging you in that moment.

Additionally, serving as a mentor to someone can be an experience that benefits you as much as the person to whom you are a mentor. By sharing our experience and knowledge with someone else, we are often reminded of the lessons we’ve learned along the journey of our own lives. It is also a way we can express our gratitude for the mentors who took the time to help us get where we are today. Serving as a mentor can be a great way to “pass it on.”

Reflection for the Week: What do you think the benefits of a mentor in your life can be? What can you do to cultivate a relationship with someone either as a mentor or a mentee?

One thought on “Moving Mondays: The Benefit of Mentors”

  1. In the world of education, mentoring is a vital part of the learning process, both for teachers and students. So as we are nurtured, enriched, and respected, so too, do we nurture, enrich, and respect our young minds of the 21st century. Having an mentor who has genuine concern for us, accepting us the way we are while seeing us as if our full potential has already been achieved, we are empowered to evolve into believing in ourselves and reach even higher. Seeds are planted, sometimes years before the seedling emerges and reaches for the sun. The sky’s the limit. Encouraging students to see themselves without limits of what they can do positions the teacher as a meaningful mentor of youth. Just as the plants need those basic elements to thrive and grow, students also need perpetual mentoring to bloom and grow. What we receive in return is a bountiful garden of abundant beauty.
    In this respect, I often ponder, just who is mentoring whom?

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