Moving Mondays: UN Climate Summit

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, world leaders will gather in New York for the United Nations Climate Summit. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited leaders from all sectors of society to the Summit who can make new announcements and bring new climate initiatives and ideas to the attention of the international community.

What’s Possible , produced by Lyn Lear and directed by me, will open the UN Climate Summit. World leaders, including President Barack Obama, will be in attendance. In presenting this film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman and includes an original score from Hans Zimmer, we have an opportunity to inspire the world to take the power of choice that we have and shift to renewable carbon free energy so Life can flourish for us and for future generations. Our best chance for survival lies in continuing to imitate nature, drawing inspiration from its awesome power. Nature’s beauty can open our hearts, so we can create a culture of change that will save our planet and our future.

Beauty is nature’s tool for survival – people protect what they love. And film has the power to inspire people to take action.

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