Moving Mondays: Cosmic Connections

We’ve all had this happen before. You’re far from home or somewhere you normally don’t go and then out of nowhere, you run into someone you know.

Sometimes when we run into a friend or an acquaintance at an unexpected time, we’re tempted to analyze what it means. We start to consider things like how we know the person and what his or her presence could be a sign for in our lives.

But what if the next time we make one of these Cosmic Connections, we don’t do this? Instead of over-analyzing and looking for a hidden message, what if we just accept these meetings as a beautiful reminder that there is something bigger than us controlling the things which we cannot?

When you run into someone you know, maybe the universe is just saying, “Hey friend, I’m reminding you that I got this. You’re not alone, and all is good.”

Reflection for the Week:  Do you spend too much time over analyzing events which you cannot control? What can you do to surrender to the cosmic connections that appear in your life?

3 thoughts on “Moving Mondays: Cosmic Connections”

  1. Each moment is EXACTLY as it should be….accepting this is paramount.

    BREATHING in love is another way of LETTING GO of control…
    and so it is…

    a pleasure meeting you Louie and your wise moving team

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