Moving Mondays: Riding the Opportunities in Life

Surfing is a microcosm of life.  When a wave comes, you either let it pass or climb on.

Life is full of opportunities.  Sometimes, however, we don’t always know whether or not an opportunity is in our best interest. These moments, when we’re unsure and full of indecision and doubt, are actually blessings in disguise. They challenge us to dig deeper, connect to who we are, and learn what we truly want.

When we are presented with a new opportunity, our first instinct may be to take action; to seize the opportunity with which we’re presented. If we pause though, take time to be still and listen, we may find that saying no and having patience to wait for the right opportunity may be the correct course of action.

Like a surfer who passes up a good wave, we may be rewarded with the best wave by having the patience and wisdom to know when to act…and when not to act.

Reflection for the Week: What are you doing to cultivate a deeper connection to yourself? Are you taking time to pause and truly listen?

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