Greenland On My Mind

Never could I have fantasized in my wildest dreams that I would be able to travel all over this beautiful planet and photograph some of the most breathtaking and amazing natural landscapes imaginable to man.  This time I find myself in Greenland, a country of incomparable beauty, and so much ICE!

Greenland, deceptive in its name, is nearly 80% covered by ice.  The Greenland Ice Sheet, along with the Antarctic Ice Sheet, contains 99% of the freshwater on the planet.  However, due to climate change, it is melting at an accelerated pace, causing rising sea levels and ocean acidity, killing our delicate coral reef ecosystems and creating more extreme weather across the planet.

Nature has been my lifelong muse and inspires me everyday, in both my personal and professional life. The ramifications are profound if we do not protect our beautiful and precious planet.   So treat Mother Earth well!

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