Moving Mondays: Ride the Wave

Be open to the unexpected opportunities that may come up in your life. Though you may not be fully prepared in every way, once you ready your mind to the possibility of a transition or shift, it could lead to very serendipitous results. Like a surfer who is waiting for the the next wave, whether it be big or small, slow or fast, he is prepared to take it as it comes, to get up on that board and possibly get knocked down.  But he will get up again and wait for that next wave to see where it will take him.

Reflection for the week: How can you open yourself up to the opportunities the universe has in store for you and be better able to ride the waves through the ups and downs?

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One thought on “Moving Mondays: Ride the Wave”

  1. Hi Louie;

    Well, I AM riding the WAVE! My past mistakes were not knowing WHEN TO GET OFF the Wave…Haaaaaa! I am SINGER. I am taking what I consider to be a Giant Leap of Faith and applying to sing on Cruise Ships out of Australia. My brother has been doing it…he’s an amazing Singer/Songwriter…he’s guiding me, pushing me, telling me I MUST! I’m preparing Tracks and doing practice concerts everywhere. BUT the ONE THING I have been visualizing are YOUR VIDEOS behind me As I SING. I will go as a Guest Performer and there are screens in the Concert Halls onboard. What do you suggest? Can we talk?

    Diane Stevenett

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