Bee Careful Today

Did you know that today, July 10th, was National Don’t Step On A Bee Day? Let’s take a moment today to think about bees and how they benefit our fragile ecosystem.  We humans depend on these little buzzing pollinators for most of the fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables on this planet.  Yet their populations are diminishing drastically, much of it attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder, and without them, the food supply for humans would be devastated.  I have made an entire film on pollinators, Wings of Life, and I continue to spread the message of their plight every chance I get.  Read more about my thoughts on CCD and  how my connection with nature affects my cinematography with National Geographic’s Pop Ominivore.  So go out and plant some wildflowers, build a bee waterer in your garden and please take care not to step on a bee today or any day!

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2 thoughts on “Bee Careful Today”

  1. I was just outside, appreciating the wonderful variety of bees in our garden and lawn, which is mostly clover. Thanks for sharing this timely post.

  2. Beeutiful! JONI MITCHELL sang about this so long ago….thanks for helping raise consciousness again, Louie!

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