Beauty is Nature’s Tool for Survival

The message that beauty is nature’s tool for survival is one that I truly believe. Every day, when I walk outside or look out the window, I am reminded how our living universe is a constant source of wonder and awe. Recently, I shared my enthusiasm and love for nature with EcoWatch, a leading environmental website, and its effect on me, my psyche and my cinematography. The EcoWatch article features an interview I did on Green Divas, a great blog for ways to live a low stress, sustainable lifestyle.  You can listen to my interview on the Green Divas radio show here.

Whether it is a wildflower sprouting through a crack in the sidewalk, a brilliantly colored butterfly fluttering by, or a sweet little hummingbird hanging in midair, take a moment to fill your spirit with the inspiring beauty of nature.

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One thought on “Beauty is Nature’s Tool for Survival”

  1. Louie, it was great to speak with you. I’ve booked mark a few of your films on netflix and when the world conspires to keep me from playing in nature, I take some time out and meditate on the magical beauty you’ve captured so masterfully. (bow) And recently my publisher buddy (who I am writing a book with as it turns out) said he published a book w/ you – Michael Fragnito. gotta love this big small world we share. Hope we get to see you in NY — maybe get you to the GD studio?

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