Happy Father’s Day: World Cup Edition

This weekend we take pause to thank our mentors and heroes whom we call, “Dad”.  Father’s Day is a time to reflect, honor and celebrate our fathers and forefathers.  Likewise, we should celebrate being fathers and recognize just how lucky we are to have the next generation surround us with such joy, love and happiness.  Happy Father’s Day.

Yesterday marked the start of the World Cup!  It is remarkable that this one incredible sport unites people of different nations all over the world.  FIFA and the Nobel Peace Center has created a beautiful campaign, Handshake for Peace, to promote respect, fair play and global peace, through the worldwide popularity of the sport.  How wonderfully moving and simple.  Let us all take part and encourage others to send positive messages across borders, through sport, nature and cultural awareness.

In honor of football, please visit our Moving Art website for a free download of the short film, In the Zone, which will get you pumped up for the upcoming games!

In the Zone


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