Fire, Flowers and That Small Still Voice

Do you gaze upon Flowers and hear beautiful music whispering through the air? Today’s guest blogger shares her poem, her muse being Gratitude and Flowers. It’s a blessing to feel spiritual enlightenment and energy from the beauty of nature; it’s an even greater gift to be able to share it with others.


Why oh why can’t my beloved see
when the flower contracts in the evening of her life,

it is only in anticipation of transcendent expansion of the morning light.

why oh why can’t he remember how it breathes life through the sun and wind with total abandon,
so that he can imbibe their fragrance as the great breath of God.
Why oh why does he see the prickly thorns on the cactus and overlook the new sprung flower

or miss the message of the fern, as she unfurls her fronds as a rolled out
carpet to welcome us in.

Why oh why can’t he hear the flowers majestic symphony?
Just watch and listen to them conduct a perfect strain of Mozart, Brahms or
Bach using stamen and petals.

I dare you dear one, to still your Self and feel her resonance.

The flower would never weep for it’s soul
Nor is it afraid of it’s beauty, to live and die or of death and rebirth.
they simply live perfection in All moments and cycles of their lives.
When fully alive, they show up in their fullness and grace us with their presence

…opening to play their song of love.
Just watch
just watch my beloved and you never have to drop your petals or close your bud again.”

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