Guest Blogger: Gratitude for Mother Nature

This week guest blogger María C. looks to Mother Nature to strengthen her bond with loved ones.

Moving Art is channeling the beauty and voice of “Mother Nature” to heal people. Inspiring people to mindful living instead of mere existence. The project itself, the delicately edited and wonderful imagery, inspires my own creativity. Louie Schwartzberg has uncovered magic in his photos.

I wrote him on his birthday and he replied a few days later on mine, “It takes a truly enlightened individual to feel our deep bond with nature and our environment. Enjoy your birthday and feel the wonder in being alive!”

This encouraging message is even more meaningful because I lost both of my parents last year. Because I really miss them, I go to Mother Nature every weekend with a Spanish trekking club to speak to them from nature. It is easier to connect with them in nature. Rivers, trees and mountains bring us closer to the mysteries of life, to the people we care about.

“The Gratitude video”  resounded as the echo of my parent´s love and support. The same echo I feel through nature….The voice of the little girl and the old man was the voice of Life reinforcing me to go on believing in a “Higher sense of life,” teaching me to enjoy the small details about it, and continue with that “sense of wonder”…. to explore the world and make something out of it.


María C.
Madrid, Spain

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Gratitude for Mother Nature”

  1. I think we all need to give gratitude to nature. It’s really all we have here on our little planet. Why would we want to mess it up? I’m really sorry about your parents — truly. I think nature does possess many healing properties, which is why we love being around it. Something as simple as a signle tree seems to calm me.

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