Wings of Life Named Top Transformational Film of the Year, Wins the 2013 Inspiration Award

Wings of Life won Aware Guide Top Overall Transformational Film 2013

We are pleased to announce that Wings of Life has been selected as the AwareGuide Editor’s Choice  Top Overall Transformational Film of the year AND won the 2013 Inspiration Award! 

The Editor’s Choice awards were selected by the AwareGuide staff, editors and reviewers as films that embody the best of transformation and filmmaking.

“A transformational film” according to AwareGuide founder and CEO, Gary Tomchuk, “seeks to inspire the movement of society towards ideals, values and practices that create a better world for everyone.   They focus on solutions for subjects such as: Consciousness, Environment, Health, and Social Issues.”

The AwareGuide Editor’s Choice selections for 2013 include:

    •  Top Overall- Wings of Life
    •  Top Social Issue – Blackfish
    •  Top Consciousness – Room to Breathe
    •  Top Environment – Rebels With a Cause
    •  Top Health Issues – The Crash Reel

According to AwareGuide, the 2013 Inspiration Award for Wings of Life is due to the outstanding photography and heart-stirring narrative:

“The photography of this film is amazing! The slow motion flight of pollinators in the form of bees, hummingbirds, bats, etc. is stunning. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg does a brilliant job in telling the story of the importance of protecting these creatures, not out of fear, but by making you love them.”

We want to give heartfelt thanks to the AwareGuide staff, editors and reviewers for these honors.
Wings of Life is available on Blu-Ray and DVD here or streaming in HD at Netflix.

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