How has Moving Art moved YOU?

We want you to share with us how Moving Art has changed your life.


You are beautiful and deserve to share your feelings with our community. We all learn and grow together if we listen to one another. Now it’s your turn to share your story on how Moving Art has moved you.

Fans and supporters just like you share stories with Louie every day about how his films and images have enriched their meditation practice, soothed frayed nerves after a long day, inspired them to become more environmentally friendly, educated their children on the wonders of nature, brought health and vitality to a sick friend/family member, or simply helped them become more mindful and attentive to the daily gifts the universe brings us. We now want to share these powerful stories with the our fans, supporters and the world!

    • Do you feel that Moving Art has made a positive change in your life?
    • Has Moving Art changed how you perceive Health, Spirituality, Nature, Wellbeing or other areas of your life?


Please send us your guest blog [2,000 words or less] via email to with the subject line: Moved by Moving Art.


Do you have the write stuff?

One thought on “How has Moving Art moved YOU?”

  1. Louie,
    When I saw you on Oprah talking about Gratitude and how your filming of nature impacted you, I instantly felt a connection. I had always loved watching time-lapsed videos of flowers growing or the seasons changing.
    I am a preschool teacher in a small town in the very rural San Luis Valley of Colorado. It is considered a very low socio-economic area, but very rich in natural beauty with the San Juan and Sangre De Cristo Mountains, the migration of the Sandhill cranes, the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and endless sky. These are just of few wonderful features we see daily. As a teacher of young children, I try to expose them to the wonderment of life the best I can. We have had Monarch caterpillars in our class to watch them go through their metamorphosis. We have explored pumpkins and sunflowers during fall. They have played in the snow during winter. Often, I felt they needed a little more support to better understand and appreciate what they were really seeing. I have a flat screen television mounted on our classroom wall used as a teaching tool. I often go on Youtube and look for time-lapsed videos such as the actual process of the Monarch’s metamorphosis. I also show my little students videos of sunflower seeds growing in the soil and their gradual transformations from seed to strong and beautiful plants. They also view a video of a pumpkin seed go through its transformation from seed to a giant pumpkin, as well. I even show them how snowflakes are formed. When the children saw video of the sunflower growing, there was beautiful music playing along with it. One of my little boys stopped and looked at me and with a choked up voice and said, “Ms. Jenny, this is sooo beautiful!” He almost made me cry. I realized even at a young age, these children are so impacted and touched by the beauty of nature. They get it!
    Just recently, we have been talking about spring and what changes occur when it becomes spring. They went on a field trip to a sheep farm and got to hold baby lambs and watch the sheep get sheared. We have talked about the wind , the rain, the buds on trees, the birds chirping and flowers starting to come up from the ground. I took the opportunity to show them your Moving Art video, “The Beauty of Pollination”. The room was so quiet. I asked them what they thought and one of my quieter students yelled out, “This is awesome!” I even had teachers stop in to see what we were viewing. I have sent all the teachers an email telling them about your work. I feel everyone needs to see your Moving Art. It does something to our souls when we view nature, especially when you have captured it in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to ever to see it with our naked eye. It is emphasized to us as teachers the importance of connecting with our students. I feel that giving them these opportunities to know what is out there, such as the various plant life and wildlife and what they do for our earth, can instill a larger sense of connectedness for them. I even think they need to learn just how important bees are in this whole beautiful process of life. I feel like I am metaphorically planting a seed in them to have a better understanding and appreciation towards the world they live in, instead of taking it for granted. Your Moving Art has now become a great teaching tool for me and I feel compelled to inform other educators out there of your work and how it can impact our future generation’s connectedness to their planet, Earth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my gratitude towards the beautiful work you do.

    Jenny Noonan (aka Ms. Jenny)

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