Tap into the Power of Gratitude: A 21-Day Transformative Journey

Pause for a moment to reflect on that thing we call “water.” Perhaps you are imagining water flowing down a rocky mountainside, or the cool taste of water on your tongue. Maybe you remember swimming, floating weightless, surrounded by the water and, at the same moment, fully connected as a part of the greater ocean.

Now imagine reaching into that ocean and attempting to remove a single “water.” As the liquid slides through your fingers you see how this is an impossible task. A single “water” does not exist. Linguistics tells us that water is a mass noun, meaning it exists in an uncountable state floating between singular and plural. It is an undifferentiated mass.

Gratitude is another uncountable noun. But unlike water, gratitude is infinite and freely available. There is a bottomless well from which to draw. As Louie showed in his inspiring short film “Gratitude,” it is a gift that can lift you up and fulfill your mind, body and soul.

Beginning November 4, you can join Louie on a remarkable meditative journey further exploring the many ways the practice of gratitude can enrich your life, the lives of your loved ones and the world around you. Louie and Mentors Channel have collaborated on “21 Days of Gratitude,” a unique meditation series that weaves together relaxing music, Louie’s lush visuals and inspirational thoughts from 21 renowned thought leaders. Keep your eyes open and be transported through scenes rich with natural beauty, or close your eyes and allow the enhanced audio to peacefully wash over you.

At its heart, and in our hearts, gratitude is love. Recognizing this, the first week of the 21-day series is inner focused, beginning with lessons on finding your purpose from mentor Tim Kelley. The second week turns to gratitude for family and relationships, featuring inspirational thoughts on heritage from Carolyn Woo and on life partners from Craig Hamilton and Claire Zammit. As the series moves into its third week and final week, you will begin an exploration of gratitude and nature. Thought leaders include Don Miguel Ruiz, who will show you the value of connection, and Russell Bishop, who will inspire with his thoughts on gratitude for our cosmic home, Earth and the solar system.

Register now for this free, transformational journey, and join a global community ready to change the world with the power of gratitude. Show your gratitude by sharing this unique opportunity with others and follow the journey on twitter:  #Gratitude21Days

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