An Immersive Experience: The Healing Power of Visual Energy

When you think of spas and luxury hotels, Gandhi probably does not come to mind.

After all, most of us know that Gandhi lived a Spartan life: A two-room shack, a spinning wheel, a sleeping pad on the floor.  While working on a documentary, Louie made a surprising discovery: Gandhi also had a rickety massage table, where he had a massage – every day.

Massage, like meditation or yoga, can actually help us to be “present” – to be mindful – to live a life of gratitude by enabling us to relax, slow down and reconnect with our inner spirit. That was the theme of the 2013 Global Spa & Wellness Summit, an international organization representing leaders in the spa and wellness industry from over 40 countries, where Louie was honored to give a speech about Gratitude right before the Dalai Lama took the stage.

But wellness is not just about a massage or a facial; it’s about conscious living.

During the keynote address, His Holiness the Dalai Lama noted that having a compassionate attitude is the ultimate basis for one’s journey toward wellness and for living a happy life. And happiness stems from warm-heartedness, from being connected to others.

The beauty captured in Louie’s films helps cultivate this sense of warm-heartedness and connectedness. In his session, Louie shared this vision of wellness: The healing power of visual energy. Eighty percent of the information we receive comes through our eyes and yet it’s this visual component that is missing in most wellness experiences

Imagine immersing yourself in a continuous montage of moving art –beautiful images of nature – in high definition. Research has shown that viewing soothing images of nature reduces stress: measured by lowering the pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. This natural beauty will inspire – help us to become more “in spirit,” renewed and reconnected.

The healing power of visual energy could also be used in hospitals or nursing homes – imagine bringing nature indoors – being enveloped by beautiful moving art.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you incorporate visual healing energy in your own wellness journey?

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