Moving Art™ Goes 3D!

Moving Art™ is going 3D! In an exciting new venture, Moving Art™ 3D films will be available on Yabazam, DDD’s streaming video service for watching 3D movies and shows.

“I love to use my camera to explore unseen worlds of space and time, as well as exotic locations around the world,” said Louie. “Filming in 3D makes the experience more immersive and creates the emotions that touch people’s hearts.”

“Louie’s work has been enjoyed by audiences of all ages the world over and we’re delighted to be bringing his Moving Art™ films to Yabazam subscribers,” said Jay Wiskerchen, DDD’s Vice President of Content Services.  “These stereoscopic shorts are timeless examples of how 3D can capture life on film in a truly moving way.”

Yabazam features a wide variety of 3D programming, including movies, travel shows, music videos and animated shorts from a growing list of global content providers. Yabazam is offered as a subscription service in the US, and titles are available for rent outside of the US using the free Yabazam 3D video streaming app. The Yabazam app is available in 17 countries, on Samsung and LG Smart TV platforms for use on over 100 consumer devices, and has been downloaded nearly 400,000 times.

Learn more here!

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