Moving Art™ on iOS, Android, and SmartTVs!

We are thrilled to announce that Louie Schwartzberg’s Moving Art™ is now available on all iOS, Android, and Panasonic SmartTV platforms.

iPhone users can visit the iTunes store, Android users the Google Play store, and Panasonic TV owners the Viera store on your television to download the app. Now you can enjoy Moving Art™, an ever-growing collection of short films in categories of nature, culture, inspiration and moods or shuffle hours of stunning imagery with a single tap that can be experienced on a multitude of screens.

Release yourself from the stress, soar beyond the confines of office walls and city streets to join in the flowing continuum of life calling out to you. Defeat isolation of the mundane with Moving Art™ app for mobile devices and SMART TVS. It’s a connection to the natural heavens that is never more than a click away!

Watch a favorite piece for a daily meditation or use the shuffle format to make sure your image stream never becomes predictable. The Moving Art™ library of videos will never disappoint in its diversity, beauty and sheer artistic excellence.

Moving Art AppWant a reminder to grab our app later? Just snap this tag with your phone!

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