All You Need to Know About Moving Art™

Have you downloaded the Moving Art™ app yet? If so, you’re probably well on your way to knowing these already. But if you have yet to hop on this train, here’s what you’ll get when you download:

Q: How many clips are in the Moving Art app at launch?

A:  About 50 2D short Films
About 12 3D short Films
Around 3,345 shuffling clips

Q:  What is the average duration of a shuffling clip?
A:  About 15.5 seconds

Q:  How many hours of material is in the Moving Art app?
A:  Over 20 hours of material will be avaliable at launch (approx 21 hours)

There are 4 2D short films that exceed 10 min.  They are:

1.  Oceans (17.5 min)
2.  Slow Motion (18 min)
3.  Breathing Spaces Part 1 (25 min)
4.  Breathing Spaces Part 2 (33 min)

The shuffling clips are organized into 5 main categories divided into 59 sub categories!

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